Database Systems

<a title="dnrankings" href="” target=”_blank”>DB-Engines Rankings. A list ranking the popularity of database systems.

Data Science Laboratory System A page I put up that runs through some of these database systems.

Relational DBs:
MySQL: Owned by Oracle
PostGreSQL: Open source – Supports table inheritance – Many data types (JSON, key/value, etc)
MariaDB: “Drop-in” replacement for MySQL – Led by original MySQL developers after MySQL was acquired by Oracle.
Percona Server: MySQL replacement
HyperSQL: 100% Java

Column Family DBs
Cassandra: Apache – Developed at Facebook
HBase: Apache Hadoop

Document DBs:
MongoDB: Stores documents as binary JSON
CouchDB:Apache – Stores documents as JSON – Uses HTTP for API
RavenDB: Document DB for .Net
RethinkDB: Open source – Distributed JSON document DB – Supports joins – Can push query results out to application

Graph DBs

Key/Value Stores
Redis: Open source
Riak: Open source – No Windows support

New SQL (Distributed ACID/SQL Databases)
MemSQL: Distributed in-memory database on Linux
Spanner: Google – Uses TrueTime system (globally synchronized clock) – Doesn’t support DML statements

Eloquera: .Net Object DB – Store C# objects
Marmotta: Apache – Platform for Linked Data (Semantic Web – Linked documents – URIs for object names)
OrientDB: Hybrid Document-Graph DB – ACID and SQL
ArrangoDB: Hybrid Key/Value, Document and Graph DB
TempoIQ (formally TempoDB): Time series DB (timestamp/value pairs – Collect values over a period of time)
Snowflake: Cloud data warehouse

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