SQL Server Table Types In sys.objects

Just follow up on something that was mentioned in the Finding Object Dependencies post, where I observed some oddities with the sys.objects records for user-defined tables types.
In this case, my table type was created in the default ‘dbo’ schema. When querying sys.objects:
select * from sys.objects where type = ‘TT’

A record is returned for the table type, but with a couple of values I wasn’t expecting. The table type name is returned with a ‘TT_’ prefix as well as an eight character code appended to the end. The ‘is_ms_shipped’ value is true, which I wouldn’t expect with a user-created object. Also, the schema ID links to the ‘sys’ schema.
Selecting from the table types view:
select * from sys.table_types

I get the results I would expect, the correct name, schema, etc.
I’ve seen other posts that have noticed the same things, but I’m not able to find any sort of explanation for this behavior.

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