Function – Proper case for names

Function to set names to the proper case. The first letter of each word is capitalized, the others are set to lower case. Won’t get every name right, but a good start.
create function dbo.ProperCase (
 @InputString nvarchar(2000)
returns nvarchar(2000)


 declare @InputStringLength int
 declare @Counter int
 declare @CharacterCode int
 declare @Character nvarchar(1)
 declare @ReturnString nvarchar(2000)
 declare @UseUpper bit

 set @InputString = ltrim(@InputString)
 set @InputStringLength = len(@InputString)
 set @Counter = 0
 set @ReturnString = ”
 set @UseUpper = 1

 while (@Counter <= @InputStringLength)
   set @Counter = @Counter + 1
   set @Character = substring(@InputString, @Counter, 1)
   set @CharacterCode = ascii(@Character)

   if (@CharacterCode = 32)
    set @UseUpper = 1

   if (@CharacterCode between 65 and 90)
    if @UseUpper = 0
     set @Character = lower(@Character)
    set @UseUpper = 0
   set @ReturnString = @ReturnString + @Character

 return @ReturnString



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